Infrared Lighting Products

What started as an attempt to provide equipment to a few of our less electronically minded friends in the biology community has resulted in more and more requests for equipment.

As we have built more units and gained experience in the field with this gear we have responded by developing improved versions. The result is available for ordering.

With experience born of decades in the electronics manufacturing business we have designed our latest versions for volume manufacturing and made arrangements with suppliers so we can produce these designs in any required quantity.

We have also added battery packs and chargers to our product line to provide a complete solution for the field. For care and use of this equipment go to A Practical Guide to IR Illumination.

We appreciate user comments so we can continue to improve our products. We are interested in hearing about your applications for our equipment and in seeing pictures of your work.


Above: Video gear setup at a mine in southern Arizona to monitor the emergence of a large bat colony (Myotis velifer and Leptonycteris curasoae). The setup is a Sony Nightshot camera and an IRLamp6. Over a mile of very rugged terrain must be crossed to reach the site.