Design elements of IRLamp3 arrays...

  • Compact and field rugged
  • Completely solid state, no filaments to burn out
  • Efficient use of battery power, put the energy into light, waste as little as possible and carry a smaller battery
  • Produces bright light with a beam angle suited to most video cameras
  • The wavelength of the light is just long enough to not be visually disturbing to most wildlife, but short enought to fall within the sensitivity of most video cameras
  • Input voltage designed around using common and easily charged 12V sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Under voltage lockout turns off the lamp when the battery is exausted, avoiding over-discharge of the battery

The IRLamp3 is the result of two years of development and field experience videotaping bats in Southern Arizona and is the third model built and used in wildlife work.

An IRLamp3 ready for the field, showing the 40 LED array as well as the heavy aluminum case and heatsinking.
IRLamp3 Specifications
Min Typ Max Unit
Input Voltage 7 12 20 V
Input Current 250 mA
Output Power 670 mW
Peak Luminous Intensity 810 nm
Distribution nm
Radiant Intensity 3360 4320 mW/sr
Illuminated Angle 10 degree
Depth 2.5 cm
Length 7.6 cm
Height 6.2 cm
Weight g